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Links to some interesting or useful Stained Glass sites

Looking for a retail stained glass shop in your area? The worldwide members of RAGS (Retailers of Art Glass Supplies) are committed to continually improve the overall quality of service to their customers, so are well worth visiting either via the Internet or personally.

Visit the Top 100 Stained Glass Websites page to find out about other stained glass websites.

Having problems designing and drawing up your stained glass patterns? Dragonfly Software is an easy-to-use answer to your problems. Download a 30 day FREE trial from Dragonfly Software including the step-by-step tutorials today!
Visit Dragonfly Software

Want to keep up with what is happening in the stained glass world in UK? Visit Stained Glass News UK

Interested in Tiffany Lamps? This site is an amazing record of original examples for your delight!

Stained Glass of Ichiro Tashiro with pictures of some of his intricate projects and a rundown of the techniques developed by this innovative stained glass artist.

Reflections in Stained Glass is an extensive site of full and closeup images of stained glass church windows, privately owned windows, lamps, etc.

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