Retailers of Art Glass and Supplies

Retailers of Art Glass and Supplies

Retailers of Art Glass & Supplies is a nonprofit organization of owners of retail stores selling stained glass supplies, with membership worldwide.
With daily email communication among all members we are each able to broaden our resources and strengthen our dedication to serving the industry of stained glass.
All members' retail stained glass shops offer classes and advice to their students and customers as well as a variety of stained glass, tools, foil, solder, books, grinders, saws, soldering irons, and all you might need to work with stained glass.

Many members do not have web sites yet, but those that have are linked from the RAGS website here so you can visit them now. Other members have email addresses which are listed for your convenience (just click on the address if you want to send them a message) along with full contact details for each retail shop.
All will be happy to help you with all your stained glass needs. If you cannot spot a retailer close enough to you to visit, it may mean your nearest RAGS member has not yet joined us on the WWW - dont hesitate to ask us for a recommendation!

Are you a Stained Glass Retailer who would like to become a member of RAGS, a worldwide association of businesses dedicated to improving the service they can offer to their stained glass customers? Contact RAGS (email to ) or visit RAGS website for further information on the advantages of becoming a member.

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