Intensive Courses

Want to spend a week in our studio on an intensive course learning a new craft?

Our intensive introductory 24-hour courses might suit you.
Tuesday through Friday in our own studio with individual attention whenever needed.
Our structured courses cover the basic techniques needed to enable students to reach a high level of competency in their chosen technique

As courses are held throughout the year we can usually offer course dates to suit the individual student's schedule or fit in with your travel/holiday plans.

Basic Course fee : £400 plus VAT at the ruling rate (at present 20%, making a total fee of £480.00 including tax)

For students who already have experience in working with some aspects of stained glass but want to improve their skills (or learn a new technique) can offer Intermediate and Advanced courses which follow a structured syllabus to enable you to learn new aspects of your chosen method of assembly.

If you have an individual project you would like to get started on under individual guidance and instruction we are also happy to plan an individually tailored scheme of work for the week, to ensure you get the most out of our expertise and experience.

Email us for full details of these courses.

Find out what courses we offer.

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