Your own heraldic stained glass panel

Using the traditional techniques of etching, painting, staining and firing that have been used by stained glass craftsmen since medieval times we can make you a personalised stained glass panel (using antique cathedral and flashed glass) with the knight's shield bearing your own coat of arms or logo.

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Above are small pictures of the knight and his lady with her little lap dogs (click on the pictures or the underlined words to see enlarged photos and description of the techniques used to create the panels).

Together they make an attractive pair of window panels that can either be inserted into a window opening or incorporated into light boxes to create a unique decorative feature in any room.

Various colour options are possible for the knight's cloak and his lady's dress - using antique flashed red, blue or green glass.

Fax or e-mail us details of the design you would like on the shield, or our design department can research a suitable coat of arms for your family name.

Individually handcrafted in our studio, each panel (which measures 70 cms x 32 cms) takes four weeks to complete, and commissions are undertaken in strict date order after receipt of a cheque or credit card payment of 50% deposit. We will invoice you for the balance plus the crating & delivery charge when the panel is ready for shipment.

To order your individual traditional stained glass panel just let us have details of the design you want on the knight's shield, tell us what colours you want the knight's cloak or his lady's dress to be, and send us your deposit or credit card details (for security please phone or fax card details rather than email).

We will acknowledge your order and give you an approximate delivery date.

Get our address and contact numbers and send your deposit.

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