Gluechipping Kits

What is Gluechipping?

This unusual technique of glass decoration was developed in the 1920's by Frederick Carder (who later became art director at Corning Glass Company). It involves applying a special glue to the glass which "chips off" flakes of glass - hence the name - to make a sparkling random pattern which can be varied (according to how you apply it) from a delicate fern pattern to a bold shell-like pattern. Picture of gluechipped glass

Can I do it?

Gluechipped glass is available commercially in sheets 36" x 24" (approx 910 mm x 610 mm), and until Elizabeth researched the technique, it was not considered as a craft method capable of being carried out in the home.
However with our Gluechipping Kit and a little practice you can create stunning effects on ordinary glass or coloured glass.

How much are the kits and what is in them?

If you can visit our shop a gluechipping kit will cost you UK pounds 13.25, but if you need us to post it to you the price including VAT and postage/packing within the UK is UK pounds 18.50 (allow 10-14 days delivery).
Customers outside the United Kingdom please contact us giving your address to find the cost for delivery to your location.
Our kits are supplied with full step by step instructions, and contain 500 grams of the special glue (enough to carry out several projects to decorate your own glass) and a small quantity of resist material.

How can I get a gluechipping kit?

To order send us your cheque for the sum of UK pounds 17.60 with your address details, or fax (01202 250239) or phone (01202 514734) your debit/credit card details (all major cards accepted). Email orders to are acceptable, but transmission is NOT SECURE.
View our Postal Address and Contact Numbers.

So get your order to us and get gluechipping!

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